Monday, April 11, 2016

Press Release of Siyono Autopsy Case

The press conference at the Office of the National Human Rights Commission in Central Jakarta, regarding of the Suyono Outopsi Conclusion:

First. An autopsy conducted by a team of forensic doctors that requested by the Muhammadiyah organization is the first autopsy and there has been no autopsy establish before.

Second. Severe bleeding with a proven part of the brain is not red, but white is not found, no sign that severe bleeding occurred despite there is a section of the brain injury but not stated that the cause of death by the forensic team, As previously communicated by the police.

Third. The conclusions by the forensic doctors team about the cause of death was a broken bone in various parts of the body especially the chest, ribs, etc., which caused severe bleeding in the heart.

Fourth. There is no cuts or bruises found on the hands or certain bodyparts, that showing there was resistance from Siyono.

In addition to four points above conclusion autopsy in the press conference, also posted amount of money that been Given from Police Densus 88 to Mrs. Suratmi and never been opened at all, after we open it in front of reporters that turned out to be some amount of Rp.100 million with Denomination 100 thousand rupiahs. Thank you.

Source: Dahnil A. Simanjuntak Facebook

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Saturday, April 02, 2016

Densus 88 killed 121 Unexpected Terroris

Miko Ginting from Central Law and Order Study urged the government to evaluate Densus 88 Anti-Terror activity. Moreover, Siyono is not the first unexpected terrorist who lost their lives
without going through the legal proceedings.

Saturday, January 02, 2016

KH Tengku Zulkarnain: Enter Other Religions Home for Worship Is Not Tolerance

Secretary General of the MUI KH. Tengku Zulkarnain asserts that the Quran has explained tolerance since 14 centuries ago.

"In the issue of tolerance, Allah has explained it 14 centuries ago, lakum dinukum waliyadin. For you your religion, to me mine. We can not follow another religion, "he told on Friday (01/01) in Jakarta.

According to him, the Muslims should not follow other teachings, including the Joint Christmas event. Likewise Christians are not allowed to join the Friday prayers in Muslim Prayers.

"Do not follow the teachings of other religions, Muslims should not follow the christmas. It's called hypocrites, do not believe in religion. Christians, too, must not be followed Friday prayers. It also does not believe in their teachings, "he continued.

He also said that tolerance is not meant to each other enter the house of worship of other religions to participate in worship. "That's not the name of tolerance," he concluded.

As reported, the National Joint Christmas event last held in 2015 in Kupang, NTT invite fray. Because, in the event, there was a call to prayer echoes in tandem with singing hymns 'Ave Maria'.

Reporter: Taufik Ishaq
Editor: Dawn Sadiq

Sunday, November 01, 2015

Patrialis: Human Rights Can't Interfere With Rights of Others - Head of Constitutional Court (MK) Patrialis Akbar had argued associated Bogor Mayor attitude Bima Arya prohibiting the celebration event Asyuro (Ashura) the Shiites.

"I personally fully support it (Bogor Mayor action)," he said during the inauguration of the Association of Islamic Propagation Institute and Education Indonesia (PULDAPII) in Aljazeraa Resto, Polonia, East Jakarta, Wednesday night (28/10/2015).

Earlier, a group of counter policies Bogor Mayor had launched 'attack' via twitter on policy Bima Arya.

Indonesian Police: Christian Bomber is not a Terrorist - The police ensure that the bombers at Alam Sutera Mall Tangerang, Banten, Leopard Vishnu Kumala not associated with terrorist networks.

"The perpetrator is not at all linked to the terrorist network that has been mapped over the police," said Metro Jaya police chief, Inspector General of Police Tito Karnavian told reporters on Thursday (10/29/2015).

Suspect Leopard, recognized Tito is a terrorist known as a lone wolf.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Annas Support Bogor Mayor - Anti-Shia National Alliance (Annas) said they support Mayor of Bogor Bima Arya prohibiting activities Shiite Ashura celebrations in the city of Bogor.

"In connection with the issuance of a Letter No.300 / 321- Kesbangpol on appeal the prohibition of the celebration of Ashura (The Feast of the Shiites) in Bogor, dated October 22, 2015.

With this Annas Center expressed support and reward the highest on assertiveness City Government under the leadership of Mayor Bima Arya against the above-mentioned policy," said Annas.

According to Annas firm stance is certainly based on our common belief, that the Shia doctrine is really a heresy, disturbing the public peace and as that has been built over the years, as well as threaten the sovereignty and integrity of the Indonesian Republic.